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This site contains powerful magick items and Talismans,Amulets, Charms for those who seek real power and pursue the study of magick seriously. All these items are obtained from the highest adepts in Indonesia, and contain powerful jinns, familiar spirits or angelic khodams Genies. Please note that this is serious magick and requires your serious participation. Most empowerments come with self initiation rituals and exercises to develop the powers, and require regular repetition of sacred prayers and mantras. Many of these Magick items descriptions mention miraculous powers that can be developed: let us make it clear now that these powers do not come instantly, but require some work. The Magick empowerment is like a seed that is planted in you that has to be nurtured as it grows. It is up to you to do the practices to fully develop these Magick powers. Some of the talismans Charms and amulets work automatically, but the most potent empowerments require self-initiation rituals, some of which are simple and others that may take several hours to complete, but if you put in the work you will be well rewarded. There is nothing else like these available. If magick is what you seek, then search through these items and begin your path to real power. There are several different categories of magickal items of Occult Power. Amulets are objects you wear for protection. Amulets are charged with powerful spells, and may contain a familiar spirit. A Talisman is an item you wear to help you achieve a goal. Talismans may be to help you attract wealth or love, or to give you an authoritative bearing, or to increase physical strength or athletic abilities. Magick Empowerments are usually in the form of a capsule that you swallow during a self-initiation ritual, to confer power upon you. These are generally for occult power, but there are also empowerments for protection that require very little maintenance. The spirits bound in to the item by the adept also come in different categories. First, there are the familiar spirits. These are often giant animal spirits or Khodams, such as snakes or tigers. They are very strong as protectors. Then there are jinns or Khodams Spirits Servents. These are more intelligent and versatile. As some jinns/Djinns (Genies) can be dangerous, we stick to Islamic jinns or Khodam Spirits, as these will obey spiritual law and serve you safely. They can bestow all kinds of spiritual powers. Some are specialists in occult development; others are more concerned with looking after your material needs, such as health, money, love, protection. Then there are angelic khodams. A khodam simply means something that serves. An angelic khodam is a personal server linked to a particular angel. These are the most powerful helpers, but are more specific in the kind of powers they bestow. Each angel has different powers, so the khodams of different angels attune you to the individual abilities of the angels from which they come. Lastly, there are magickal oils in the list. These are full of raw occult power and can be used to empower anything simply by anointing the necessary Talismans or Amulet.

Astral Magick is keen to offer our customers a high standard of magickal talismans and Magick empowerments Magic Spells to aid rituals, Spells and spiritual development which is highly sought after by magicians and spiritual masters. These Magick items & Magick Talismans can also be used for the curious beginner in this field to initiate their personal spiritual development. Our Magick talismans and empowerments are being made by the most highly acclaimed and most powerful adepts in Indonesia. The creations of such potent and magickal items & talismans has stimulated great curiosity in one s wandering mind and led many to delve deeper into occult / mystical practices. Astral Magick provides you with just this, genuine, occult infused and magickally empowered items & Magick Talismans. Adepts who have magickal/Mystical powers gathered from generations and higher intelligience from years of expertise and through intense magickal rites, Spells and rituals have prepared the genuine talismans and empowerments which yield the true benefits.

These Talismans Amulets Charms Spells Rituals & Magick Items, Charms, Talismans, Amulets are available to you to enhance spiritual development, boost your material needs, and improve daily interaction with people. Some of the enhancements you would like to receive may include, psychic powers, a number of Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP), including clairvoyance, telepathy or precognition, authoritive bearing, charisma, personal magnetism, luck or protection. However, on a more spiritual basis you may want to use our items to initiate your skills and expertise in magickal rituals, Development of Talismans & Amulets, Charms, shamanism, occultism, mysticism mind control, martial arts, spells, and more advanced areas such as invulnerability, invisibility, remote viewing and psychic projection. Therefore, for whichever area of your life you wish to improve or enhance, our selection of made to order items will not fail to suffice. These occult powers are not for the faint hearted and their true value can only be yielded from persistent training and self discipline.

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